Hi, I’m Suvendu Naskar. It’s my first blog post. This allows me to share a recent inside of life.

I don’t know the meaning of my name. Being ‘Naskar’ general perception of people is that I’m a schedule caste. Some people have a lot of interest in the reserved category. For quite some time, my thought was “I wish I had a different name”. Even I wanted to change my contact details.

Looking back, I realize I made so many mistakes, caused a lot of trouble to people, behaved rudely. I wish I was better adaptable and sensible in those conflicts.

I thought, a new name, a phone number could give me a fresh start. Now I feel it’s not about new things rather right intentions. No matter what I do, I can’t hide the existence of my work. So I consciously choose which and what sort of work I should be doing. It took a lot of time to realize and accept, but I believe it’s never too late.